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“Feed the community, not the bins”

Our founder, Daniel Yap first restocked a community fridge on 1 Feb 2018 under the umbrella of SG Food Rescue. That was the first fridge started by MP Baey Yam Keng at the void deck Blk 441 Tampines Street 43.

The purpose of the community fridge was for residents to share surplus food with their neighbours. For us, it was a chance to fill the community fridge to the brim with surplus vegetables, initially from our founder's minimart.

Later on, a second community fridge was started at the void deck of Blk 508B Yishun Avenue 4. Our founder, with his few volunteers, worked hard, restocking both fridges several times a week, often late at night. He wanted to make sure that the unsold vegetables went to feeding the hungry instead of the bin. 

Over time, the group also supported other organisations that wanted to start their own community fridges in their neighbourhoods. We did this by providing a guide on how to start and maintain a fridge, as well as sending them food to restock their fridges. This eased the burdens on them and their wallets.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all food rescue programmes were halted. 

It was during this time that our founder decided to branch off on his own, formalising the creation of Fridge Restock Community SG.

Today, we contribute the fresh supplies to 14 community fridges in Singapore, 10 of which we have made contact with the organisations that maintain the fridges.

The group has grown to 40 volunteers. Every Tuesday & Wednesday over 20 volunteers share the load of rescuing, delivering and distributing food to the fridges. 

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“Feed the community, not the bins”

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Our mission rescuers will join the team every Tues/Wed 9am - 1pm at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre.

Rescuers will collect produce from vendors and load them into delivery vehicles.

Mission driver will help to transport the rescued vegetables and fruits to the designated fridge.

*Driver must have own vehicle*

If you have surplus food items, food that is close to expiry or just expired, please contact us for donation.

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10 Wholesale Centre #01-423 Singapore 110010

+65 9831 8318

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